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Building a lead-generating marketing capability from the ground up

Building a lead-generating marketing capability from the ground up
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“We loved working with Aidan at WhyLab. He helped us build a lead-generating digital marketing capability from scratch."
Chief Commercial Officer

Fuelling sales with an automated ad system that produces 120+ leads per month

Challenge: A b2b technology firm selling data and AI services, with a pedigree in professional services, needed to move beyond referrals and events to generate a consistent pipeline of qualified leads.

Solution: WhyLab, a boutique LinkedIn Ads agency, partnered with the firm to create and execute a data-driven LinkedIn Ads campaign.

Results: Over 376 leads and 13 sales pipeline opportunities generated in Q1 2024, with a projected high return-on-ad-spend due to the client's £150k+ average deal size.

The Client: A Reputable Tech Firm Looking to Scale Quickly

The client, a b2b technology firm offering data and AI services, boasted a leadership team with impressive backgrounds at McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte and KPMG. Their reputation for delivering premium services was well-established. However, their reliance on referrals and events for lead generation resulted in an inconsistent sales pipeline. They needed a more predictable and scalable solution.

WhyLab: Building a LinkedIn Ads Capability from Scratch

WhyLab, known for its end-to-end LinkedIn ad campaign creation, took a multi-pronged approach:

  • Quick Wins with Retargeting: WhyLab began with a retargeting campaign, a strategy known for delivering fast results. This allowed them to demonstrate the value of LinkedIn Ads and capture leads already familiar with the client's brand.
  • Defining Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and Content Creation: Through collaboration with the client's leadership, WhyLab identified their ideal customer profiles (ICPs). Leveraging industry knowledge from the client's SMEs, WhyLab developed high-quality content that resonated with the target audience. This included a premium, high-touch white paper written in an editorial, journalistic style to attract qualified prospects.
  • Strategic Planning and Campaign Setup: WhyLab then focused on strategic campaign planning and technical setup. This involved meticulously defining target audiences, crafting a creative approach, and establishing a robust retargeting strategy to capture website visitors who hadn't yet converted.
  • Compelling Copy and Creative Testing: To maximise cost-per-lead, WhyLab designed multiple versions of ad copy and creative assets. A/B testing allowed them to identify what resonated best with the target market, ensuring the client received the most cost-effective leads.

Continuous Optimisation for Ongoing Success

WhyLab's commitment doesn't end at campaign launch. Over the following three months, they meticulously optimised the campaign, refining targeting, content, and creative elements based on real-time performance data. This ensured continuous improvement and maximised results.

Measurable Results and a Promising Future

The results speak for themselves: in Q1 2024 alone, the campaign generated over 376 leads and 13 sales pipeline opportunities. Considering the client's average deal size of over £150k, the campaign is poised to deliver a significant return on ad spend (ROAS).

Beyond the Numbers: Building a Long-Term Partnership

WhyLab's success wasn't just about generating leads. The collaboration fostered a deeper understanding of the client's business and target audience. This ongoing partnership ensures the campaign continues to evolve and deliver consistent results, empowering the client's sales team with a steady flow of qualified leads.

Why Choose WhyLab?

WhyLab's boutique approach offers several key advantages:

  • End-to-End Expertise: They handle every facet of LinkedIn ad campaign creation, from lead magnet development to ongoing optimisation.
  • Focus on Quality Leads: Their data-driven approach ensures efficient lead generation, maximising cost-per-lead.
  • Collaborative Partnership: They work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and target audiences.
  • Reputation Management: Their understanding of premium brands ensures campaigns align with the client's reputation for excellence.

Are you a B2B technology firm struggling to generate a consistent lead flow? WhyLab can help. Contact them today to discuss how their LinkedIn Ads expertise can transform your lead generation strategy.

A fantastic project with a great outcome. We love working with this client!
Aidan Leather, Founder at WhyLab

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